I've opened a new account at my bank, and Level isn't picking it up?




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    Robert Warriner

    When a bank is fist connected how many days worth of transactions are initially downloaded? I started using Level last night and I only notice about 10 days worth of transactions showing up for the Checking account. Oddly a Savings account transaction from 2 months ago shows up.

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    Hi Robert, great question. The answer is that it depends on your bank.

    We will go back up to 6 months if possible, but it varies highly from bank to bank. There are some banks where we aren't able to collect any historical transactions at all, and once connected will start to update only on a go-forward basis.

    You touched on an interesting case - which is that availability of historical information can also vary within a bank. We have certainly seen that some accounts at one bank might get 6 months of historical data, while others at the same bank only send us the most recent month.

    The initial data aggregation can take a while too - so if you're only seeing 10 days worth of transactions now, you might still see some more come through if it's still collecting.

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    How do I do this without losing months worth of historical data? 

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    Hi Paige,


    Currently, this is the only means of having the application recognize a new bank account you've opened with an account already connected to Level.

    When you remove/re-add your bank, we will retain the bills, incomes, and trackers that you've configured. When the app re-imports your transaction data from your bank, all of the transactions with merchant names that match your bills/incomes/trackers (where you tracked using the "all transactions from this merchant" option) will automatically be picked back up and attached to their categories as they were before.

    You will lose the tagging of any transactions that you tracked using the track "just this one transaction" option.

    When connecting to most banks, we are able to retrieve between 3-6 months worth of historical transactions, so depending on the age of your account, you may not be losing much historical data. 

    We're working to improve this in the future, and I hope this explanation helps for the time being. If you have further questions about your account, please feel free to send us a message from the Contact Us link in the settings menu of your Level app.


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