What changed when Level was upgraded to version 3.0?




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    Sara Scanlon

    My husband and I are school teachers and only get paid ten times a year. In version 2.5, we manually entered our yearly salaries, and the app evenly distributed the anticipated income to each month. This allowed us to plan for the two months that we don't get paid. However, version 3 doesn't allow you to do that, at least that I can see. Please help!

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    Please bring back the ability to set your savings goal per month first instead of spendable. When budgeting, savings comes to mind first... not 'what can I spend' - this is what I'm using this app to find out in the first place!

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    Hi stweel654,

    Thanks for your comment! I can understand what you mean when you say you think savings first-spending last. We are working on some features that will reintroduce the savings component back into the app. Please stay tuned for those in a future update!

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